Jody Allen - President

Photo of Jody AllenJody grew up in rural Arkansas with humble beginnings and a burning desire to graduate high school and join the U.S. Military to serve his country and learn the skills necessary to be successful in life. Jody enlisted in the U.S. Army and was assigned to the 82nd Airborne division after basic and jump school. He became a paratrooper and joined the ranks of the elite units of 1st of the 325, 4th of the 325 and 1st of the 504 Airborne Infantry Regiments where he became a natural leader and instructor of soldiers joining the service. 

Mission training and preparedness was at the very core of his 8 years spent serving his country by training countless soldiers and participating in numerous foreign joint-training exercises with American allies in Europe and on U.S. bases.  Jody was honorable discharged after 8 years of continuous service and worked until he was able to begin his formal college education focused on the medical field with an interest in becoming a physical therapist or other specialty in the healthcare industry.  

Having graduated from University of California East Bay with a degree in Kinesiology, Jody was recruited by an industry leader and distributor of Durable Medical Equipment (DME).  This DME company opened a new California market and tasked Jody with breaking into this new territory by appointing Jody as a Territory Sales Manager.  After several successful years in California, the company promoted and re-located Jody to Houston Texas as the new Southeast Texas Territory Sales Manager which included all private hospitals, clinics and the Veterans Administration Healthcare facilities in and around Houston.

After nearly 10 years of successful business development in the Southeast Texas market, Jody decided to start his own company called Veterans First Medical Supply, LLC, in order to dedicate his efforts to serving the Veterans Administration patients that he has always felt a special bond with.  In recent years, Jody was diagnosed with significant service related PTSD and is considered 60% Disabled and receives his medical care from the VA as well. 

As the Owner and President of Veterans First Medical Supply, Jody is now in a position to help VA doctors and their patients with specific medical conditions with Durable Medical Equipment that Jody has provided to thousands of other patients for the past 15 years.

The same dedication and desire to help patients that are Veterans who served this country is at the very essence of who Jody Allen is as a former U.S. soldier and now as a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB).  Providing un-matched patient service, low cost products and an understanding of the VA procurement process, the rules and regulations of doing business with the VA and ultimately interacting directly with the patient/veteran in their home is a compelling reason to do business with Veterans First Medical Supply.

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